About Berlitz

Berlitz is the world’s premier provider of language training and intercultural services, with a footprint in more than 70 countries. For about 140 years, our drive for innovation has led us to build a comprehensive portfolio enabling our clients to communicate with confidence and be successful in a global environment.

In Korea, Berlitz started operation as the first-ever foreign invested institute selected by the Ministry of Education of the Korean Government in 1995. Since then, Berlitz has led the premium language instruction market and extended product portfolio to various solutions such as intercultural and management competencies, and global business communication and leadership skills training.

Building confident communicators since 1878

When Maximilian D. Berlitz introduced the revolutionary Berlitz Method® in the USA, he changed the way language was taught forever. Based on providing an immersive experience with native teachers and focusing on oral communication, the Berlitz Method® is capable of accelerating learning and building the key foundation for effective communication–learners’ self-confidence.

A never-ending drive for innovation

We continue to revolutionize global communication training by developing programs that help companies and individuals overcome cultural differences, manage diversity and leverage similarities for maximum performance. Berlitz was also the first education company to provide multiple-platform delivery solutions, and its offer is still today unmatched by any other competitor.

Our Lessons


The world-renowned Berlitz Method® is a conversational teaching style that presents practical vocabulary and grammar in the context of real-life situations. All Berlitz students learn to speak their new language the way they did their first — through natural conversation. The Berlitz Method® remains at the core of our approach, supplemented by materials and techniques that we have developed from over a century of on-going research in improving language instruction. That includes new online programs, which combine the power of leading-edge software design and advanced content that suit the changing global environment we live in.

Five Principles of Berlitz Method
  • Goal oriented, lively instruction, based on students’ needs
  • Maximized student participation
  • Students learn through speaking and listening, supported by reading and writing
  • Grammar as a means of communication
  • Exclusive use of the target language

Instructors & Materials

Any teaching method, no matter how wonderful, is worthless without the right instructors and materials.

At Berlitz, instructors are highly qualified, and the hiring policy is very strict. All are trained in the Berlitz Method®, and hone their teaching skills and techniques in frequent workshops. Based on Berlitz Method® principles, the Berlitz instructor devises lessons that meet the learner’s needs.

Our materials, used all over the world in our network of over 500 language centers in over 70 countries, are carefully created with the students and instructors input. From beginner to advanced, whether it is for business or everyday use, every situation is covered thoroughly and expanded upon. Our materials support your learning so that you will be ready to face every situation!